Look Book Makeups for Development Faces at Bookings Agency

I worked with Jamaine Kato¬†on look books for some development faces at Bookings Model Agency. As you can see, no glitter was harmed in the makeup looks for these girls. A skilled MUA secretly loves the pared down ‘no makeup makeup look,’ as seen here. Heavy makeup is often easier as we can cover up a plethora of skin blemishes and show off our skin work. Good makeup and beauty work relies on good SKIN work.

The girls featured here are from age 16 (16!) to early 20s, and their skin was flawless.  Makeup artists are not magicians, we can only work with what you have, it helps if you pay attention to your skin: drink lots of water, eat those damned fruit & veggies and keep out of the sun.

From top left: Freya, Kate, Zara and Rose.

Faz x


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